Help Your Nissan Car Beat the Heat This Summer

July 18th, 2019 by

We’re well into summer now, and here at Woodhouse Nissan, we’re feeling the heat. From hot temperatures to a hotter sun, many of us are doing what we can to stay cool. But while we can enjoy some air conditioning or a cool dip in the pool, many of our cars spend hours parked out in the sun slowly getting hotter. Not only does this make it miserable to get into your sweltering Nissan Sentra or Nissan Rogue, it can actually be hard on your car as well. So today, we’re going to share a few tips to help your car beat the heat!

Some ways of keeping your car cooler over the summer are obvious. Park in the shade or use a garage as much as possible, even if it means walking a little farther. If you can’t regularly find shelter for your vehicle, invest in a sunshade! A visor in your windshield can block out a lot of those hot rays, and make re-entering your car much more comfortable, even if you’ve only been gone for a little while. This has the added bonus of protecting your dashboard from some sun damage, which can eventually lead to cracking and fading. And even if you use a sunshade, try keeping a towel in the car to cover your steering wheel when you leave, so you can avoid overheating the surface before touching it. And of when it’s safe, leave your windows cracked. Even a tiny crack too small to fit a hand through can make a world of difference in your car’s temperature.

It may seem basic, but using some of these tricks can not only protect you from the uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience of sitting down in an overheated car, they can also help maintain your new or used Nissan cars. Omaha, NE area drivers can worry less about their car and focus more on the fun parts of summer thanks to these easy tricks!

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