We’ll Get Your Nissan Altima Ready for Winter in Bellevue, NE

November 10th, 2019 by

Here at Woodhouse Nissan, we know firsthand that winter can be tough on cars. Dead batteries, snowy roads, icy windshields, and much more can all make driving during the cold months more difficult and sometimes more dangerous. But our team is here to help you get your car ready for the cold weather heading for Bellevue, NE. Nissan service and parts at our dealership will help you and your car have a better experience this winter.

The first thing we suggest to get your Nissan Altima or other Nissan vehicle ready for colder temperatures is making sure you’re up to date on scheduled maintenance. Brake inspections and tire care can help prevent an icy collision or slide off the road. If you’ve noticed any other issues, this is a good time to bring them up as well, since cold weather can often make small problems worse.

We can also take a look at things that you might not realize are a problem yet. A battery check can help you decide if you’d rather get a new battery before you find yourself needing a jump on a chilly morning, and while you might think your heat is working just fine right now, we can make sure it’s at the top of its game for those cold commutes and carpools.

While this is about the only thing we can’t do for you, now is a great time to make sure you’ve got emergency supplies like blankets, a snow shovel, and a flashlight stored in your car for the winter. A little care now can make a huge difference for the coming season, and our Woodhouse Nissan service center staff can help. Visit today and we’ll help you get your Nissan car or SUV ready for winter!