Why Oil Changes Are Important for Omaha, NE Drivers

September 9th, 2019 by

Any new and used car dealer could tell you that drivers know their car needs regular maintenance to perform its best. But here at Woodhouse Nissan, we also know how easy it is for life to get in the way of giving your car the care it needs. One of the most common things we see is drivers putting off their regular oil changes, so we want to talk today about why that’s a bad idea.

So why are oil changes so crucial for your car? When it comes down to it, oil is what helps keep your engine running! With all the movement and heat and friction going on in your engine, having oil to keep everything lubricated is incredibly important. Not only does the oil help prevent damage, but it also keeps things cooler in your engine, which prevents disastrous overheating.

In addition to keeping everything moving smoothly, oil also cleans your engine! As the oil moves around, it picks up dirt particles that could seriously damage your engine. But the dirt stays in the oil, adding more and more “sludge” to the mixture as time passes, creating a thick, viscous oil that doesn't lubricate as well as it should. That’s why regular oil changes are so important! Not only does your Nissan SUV or car need the right amount of oil, it needs clean oil!

We know it’s easy to put off that oil change when life gets busy, but we hope that when you stop to think about how important oil is to your car, you’ll make the time to come in with your Nissan Rogue or Nissan Sentra. Omaha, NE drivers can make the most of their car with a visit to our Nissan service center!

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