Why Omaha, NE Drivers Should Change the Oil in their Nissan Rogue

December 7th, 2019 by

Take a moment to think about the engine in your Nissan Rogue or Nissan sedan. Picture what goes on when your car is running – all the valves, pistons, gears, and other moving parts that work together to keep your car moving. Now picture what would happen if they didn’t work as well. If they ground against each other and created hot friction that overheats the vehicle. You’re now thinking about your engine without oil to keep it running smoothly.

Here at Woodhouse Nissan, we’re busy people with busy lives, and we know you are too. But we also know how important regular oil changes are to the life of your Nissan SUV or car, and we want to help make sure your vehicle is being taken care of. The oil in your car lubricates the engine to keep the parts moving smoothly and cools everything down to prevent overheating. It helps remove potentially dangerous dirt particles, which then break it down into a sludge that needs to be removed and replaced with clean oil. The oil in your car can even improve your gas mileage, because a well-lubricated engine uses less fuel.

We know it’s difficult to make the time for an oil change, but we also know it’s worth it. And we try to make oil changes as quick and easy as possible for drivers in Bellevue, NE. Nissan service technicians here know exactly what your car needs, and are experts in all things Nissan vehicles. So while you wait comfortably and enjoy a cup of coffee, they’ll get clean fresh oil into your Nissan Rogue and have you back on the road to get on with the rest of your day!

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